Alcohol Ink Set

Alcohol Ink Set - 12 Vibrant Colors Alcohol-based Ink for Epoxy Resin Art, Resin Petri Dish Making

    • VIVID COLORS - 12 alcohol ink set provides vibrant colors and endless possibilities for resin art. Resin ink dye is specifically formulated to achieve highly pigmented, perfect for creating depth, layer and sinking effect.
      MULTIPURPOSE - Our alcohol ink provides vibrant colors for every project, such as epoxy resin art, resin petri dish making, resin painting, resin coasters, tumbler making, yupo, acrylic painting and other alcohol ink art.
      A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Our alcohol-based inks will not spread out much in resin due to their high concentration, this allows you to control the color more precisely. You could easily mix it with alcohol to get better spread effect, as well as lighter colors!
      HIGH QUALITY - These highly saturated and fast drying colored inks are sealed in squeeze bottles, which allows you more precision to control your drops. NOTE: Be careful of splashing while poking the nozzles with the push-pin included.
      GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY - We offer you more color options(11 colors) and amount(120 ml) at a more affordable price! Click ‘Add to Cart’ and be sure to share your creative projects with us when they're finished!
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Have fun and let your imagination go wild to create all the creative DIY projects with our 12 beautiful colors, highly saturated, transparent inks!

A wonderful selection of 10 vibrant colored alcohol ink and 2 white alcohol ink:
Red, Dark Blue, Pink, Black, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown, Teal

The difference between the 2 white ink are the falling height:
The ‘Middle’ white will push the color to the middle;
The ‘Bottom’ white will push the color to the bottom.

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