Resin Dye

Epoxy Resin Dye - 18 Colors Translucent Liquid Resin Dye

  • ASSORTED COLOR - 18 color epoxy resin color dye are carefully-selected for resin art projects, which can make your creations brilliant while staying crystal clear. Simply blend them to achieve your own custom colors.
    A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - High concentration of UV resin color pigment, just a drop and you will be shocked by the strong dyeing effect. The tips of all pigment dyes have been sealed to prevent leakage, which ensures a better user experience.
    SAFETY & WIDE USE - Our epoxy oily coloring are all non-toxic, no harsh chemicals, cruelty free. They can be widely used on resin jewelry making and crafts decorations, Nail, garment accessories, paint and other DIY crafts.
    EASY TO USE - No preparation is required, ready to use. Easy to diffuse in the epoxy/UV resin with saturated color and uniform gloss. The squeeze bottles make it easy to control your drops so that you can get the perfect shade every time.
    COST-EFFECTIVE - 18 long-lasting resin coloring(0.35oz each) offer endless possibilities for your coloration! Click ‘Add to Cart’ and create unique resin casting and coating crafts with these specifically formulated resin coloring dye.
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A perfect choice for epoxy resin art and DIY jewelry making. No more messy powder to clean up and this pigment is super easy to mix with AB/UV resin.

Apply directly to the surface of the wooden base can deepen the wood texture. Mix with transparent oily lacquer and apply it to the surface of the wood can improve the surface color.

Package Included : 
18 x 10ml Resin Colorants.

1. Press down and rotate the cap to open.
2. To get the best result, please shake well before using.
3. To add color to your resin, use one drop or more of colorant to your resin depending on the intensity of color you would like.
4. Adding more drops and making the pigment more concentrated will increase curing time because the pigment will block the UV light for UV Resin or slow down Epoxy Resin chemical reaction.
5. For UV Resin, the darker pigment absorbs more UV light, and increase curing time. Use a powerful UV lamp or Strong Direct Sun Light for best curing result and time. Please plan accordingly.
6. For Epoxy Resin, you can add a bit more B mixture for faster curing.
7. The tips of all pigment dyes have been sealed to prevent leakage. Please cut a portion of the tip before application.

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